Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Oh Where Does The Time Go?

I know I've been pretty much AWOL from the serious blogging of late...but whatever, and my shite was never that serious.

And I might get back into it...or I might not (McGrath is right when he says there's an expiry date for these things).

But it was just pointed out to me that Uninflected Images Juxtaposed is two years old this week...TWO friggin' years!

It's been a pretty cool ride...from meeting some great writers/tv critics/bloggers to actually receiving blog fanboy/girl squeeee's at an industry reception in Toronto - hanging out here has been an excellent and entertaining way to network and feel connected to the biz even when not in the center of the universe.

So, from my lame origin story to 530+ posts later, I'm changing my profile pic to commemorate the anniversary and Uninflected will continue to limp along (no Corner Gas class here and going out on top while still popular) the Banff TV Festival is coming up, and maybe we can start an Infamous Writers and Bloggers golfing pool?

Anyway...thanks again for your patronage...all 8 of you that still drop by.


"Oh if the customers like it then they'll keep on paying
If they keep on drinking then they'll end up staying
I heard someone say where have we met before
But the one over the eight seem less like one or more like four
Like a finger running down a seam
From a whisper to a scream..."


Christina said...

I'm having a hard time blogging lately, like I think I'm hitting my expiration date. I've maintained a blog in one form or another since... 2002. Eek.

morjana said...

Happy Anniversary!


Good Dog said...

Happy Blog Anniversary, fella.

Callaghan said...

Been a great ride so far...hope it's still got legs.

And the return of the mystery quote! Don't know this one...