Saturday, May 10, 2008

Let's Get Ready To Rumble....!!!!!!

Henshaw and McGrath. I'm a big fan of both gentlemen, and they are generally in agreement about the state of Canadian TV...but I've also written about these two heavyweights when they've...erm...disagreed. And right now they're at odds and will be going toe to toe, head to head, mano-a- tomorrow morning on Diane Wild's Blogtalk Radio Show (Sunday-11 AM Pacific).

Get the radio show broad/podcast coordinates HERE.

No disrespect to the other guests, but Henshaw VS. McGrath IS the main event (or McGrath VS. Henshaw - neither should get top billing)... with the recent CRTC hearings the subject matter to be roasted.

Tune in may well end in a draw, but it WILL be entertaining.

EDIT: Podcast of said debate HERE around 45 minutes in - more informative than bloody...but hey, still good listenin'

(I hear the loser has to suck Jim Shaw's balls, mmm...)


DMc said...

Oh Beavis, you can always smell my package!

Juniper said...

That's just weird!

Oh the things I miss out on when my computer gets all messed....