Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Blog Of The Year...Redux

Okay, when I threw out the notion a few weeks back of DeadThingsOnSticks as Blog of the Year, I had no idea such a thing actually existed. The Canadian Blog Awards announced their 'nominees' today...but no DeadThings for Blog of the Year. That seemed like a travesty. And I got snarky.

But then I read through the rules and regulations and it appears someone nominates your blog for whatever category is appropriate. And it says every blog is eligible for Blog of the Year. Yet I must be missing something because then why isn't Dmc up for best o' the year? Or Post of the Year (just pick one)?

Anyway, DeadThingsOnSticks is on the list of contenders for Entertainment Blog of the Year, so go vote for Denis (and to spread the love, give your other vote to Alex Epstein at Complications Ensue for Blog of the Year) - let's support our own and everyone will be happy.

Canadian Blog Awards

Congrats guys...and good luck.


taZ said...

Well, Denis already won the "Frequent Blogger" title in the scribosphere, so... He's still a winner.

Callaghan said...

I want to nominate Uninflected Images Juxtaposed for new blog of the year.

Has it been over a year, Dixon? I can't remember.

DMc said...

I don't self toot. (Mostly because I can't reach.)

Thanks though.

jeez, callaghan, shouldn't you be posting something on your blog about now? Mush.

Kelly J. Compeau said...

Don't pressure the poor boy, Denis. Callaghan will make it worth our wait, woncha, C?

KJC (who voted for 'Dead Things' and 'Complications Ensue')

wcdixon said...

self toot...ha!

Six months this week, Callaghan... just a baby. Just not a pretty enough baby for the 'awards' club I guess.

Crashdummie said...

Promoting another blog eh.. wicked. Will do, Will, but I first need to check out the blog i'm supposed to vote for...

Show me the moneyyy, I mean link...

Caroline said...

Truthfully, I barely have mastered enough technology to post on a blog. But Callaghan's right ... someone needs to nominate this blog next time 'round. Will is always right on the money and the music.

Hey Callaghan, DMc is right. You've been slacking on the blog, look smart (and KJC, I am only pressuring him because he admitted in his own public forum that he is apt to procrastinate and best responds to deadlines).

And today, for once, I am right and feel victorious (though it is a hollow victory as my rightness nullified the premise of what could have been a very good project, oh well).