Monday, November 27, 2006

What I'm Thinking About... we in the west hunker down and try to survive this frakin cold.

AeonFlux vs. The Matrix...

Both scifi action movies are set in the future in similar story arenas with similar themes...they both even end with a similar VO from their respective heroes:

Now we can move forward, to live once, for real. And then give way, to people that might do it better. To live only once, but with hope.

But now I see another world. A different world where all things are possible. A world of hope. And peace. I can't tell you how to get there, but I know if you free your mind, you'll find the way.

So why is it that AeonFlux sucks, and The Matrix kicks(ass)?

I just watched AeonFlux. Before it I watched the Matrix, again. Now I'm about to watch V For Vendetta. It's similar scifi day at Dix's house.


Good Dog said...

Aeon Flux vs The Matrix? Not exactly an even match.

I suppose you could say, what a difference six years make. The Matrix, as I remember, slipped in virtually under the radar. And I can’t tell you how much I enjoy a film that I haven’t been pushed, prodded and goaded into seeing.

Sure the ideas in The Matrix weren’t exactly unique. Dark City was certainly an influence. But I guess it was the way the ingredients were rationed and mixed together to create something very refreshing that seemed completely new. And I liked the Alice in Wonderland references snuck in. I’m a sucker for that kind of clever-cleverness.

I suppose the major wow-factor to The Matrix was bullet time. Now here was something different. But then it was used in everything. Except newscasts and weather reports.

Which meant by the time the two sequels: Revolting and Regurgitated spooled around it was old news. Are you going to show us something new Mr W.s? Apart from the meta-textua--, you mean the bullshit waffle? Nope. Oh look, they’re fighting on the ceiling this time. Yawn.

And then a year later we had Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. So if it wasn’t bullet it was extreme wire work that worked in Ang Lee’s but went too over the top in what followed to try and better it.

Of course, not once have I really mentioned the two stories. Similar but the differences were really in the pretty sparkly paper they were wrapped in. Aeon Flux should come wearing my tee-shirt that reads “Been There, F**k That”.

Hey, V for Vendetta. So what did you think?

Last couple days I’ve been to the cinema twice, which is a very rare treat for me. Casino Royale first, then The Prestige. And like that, my faith in good cinema was restored. Of course the upcoming attractions made me want to swallow my legs and set fire to myself. But we can’t have everything.

Caroline said...

That's too much sci fi for one day for this girl.

wcdixon said...

Vendatta was okay I guess. Good cold afternoon viewing. But the Matrix 1 still rules.

And I liked 'Prestige' very much, saw it when it opened. And was supposed to see Bond but purchase confusion led to me ending up with Borat tickets.

Crashdummie said...

Will, you're talking to a girl that has seen The Matrix (1st movie) over 9 times. I have the DVD at home, yet, if they showing it on tellie, I can't help to watch it again....

Caroline said...

Crashdummie, I thought I was the only one who sat through tv airings of movies I own on DVD. It is an inexplicable phenomenon, and my only theory is there is something about the commonality of the experience ... knowing that other people are laughing or crying at the same time as you is powerful. That's why seeing a movie in the theatre is still so gratifying.

Systemaddict said...

An interesting mix of movies there-

Aeon is based on the comic- which, in my opinion wasn't really much to base it on. On top of that, story aside, the visual aspects of the film made me want to drive a nine inch spike through my skull. Fast edits don't replace story, especially poorly crafted ones.

The Matrix on the hand, delved into a lot of different things. Apparent in it's execution our obvious influences from Will Gibson, the French philisopher who's name escapes me comepletely, and a list full of other great writers who all angled onto the same theme. What the Wachowski's managed to do- was take these themes and notions and capture them in a visually stunning world. What they really failed to do was actually grasp what they were really about (the ideas)- which is apparent when the franchise ran beyond the first film.

V for Vendetta I don't think you can really throw into the mix of similarity. Based on the Allan Moore graphic novel- which was born out of the Thatcher years and built specifically around the ideas of Mikhail Bakunin.

Of the 3 films- I'd say V- for Vendetta (possibly because of my affection for the comic) is the best thought out- only because Moore has a far better grasp on his material than the others. Matrix, though stunning to watch, and thought provoking doesn't really establish anything on it's own, nor does it really find ways to explain it properly. And Flux just plain ...well...if you can't say something nice...

Bill Cunningham said...

AEON FLUX as a live-action movie was doomed - the animated series upon which it was based was too distinctive and quirky to translate.

I just bought the V for VENDETTA script book with illustrations. Lots of interesting interpretations of Moore's material.