Monday, November 13, 2006

Your Favourite Thing...

...was a song from the 'File Under Easy Listening' cd by Sugar, a 90's band that was basically Bob Mould, formerly of Husker Du. Great artist. Great cd.

The first verse went something like:

"Tell me I'm your favorite thing
You can tell me anything
I wouldn't mind
Dream about you every night
Something tells me that's not right
I wouldn't mind, I wouldn't mind
Not at all..."

One of my favourite things about this here blogging thing is waking up to posts and comments not just from fellow Canucks (you know who you are), but from all over the world.

Greg checks in from China as he travels back and forth from Indiana to Beijing putting together a shoot for Discovery Channel; Good Dog, Riddley, and English Dave take a break from their work on a variety of TV/DVD projects in the U.K. to poke their heads in, sometimes joined by Lee and Pynchon (I know there are more of you but these boys leave comments and therefore identify themselves); Crashdummie/Ruby and Hart have nothing to do with this silly entertainment business but still make regular stops from Sweden.

Meanwhile Scott and Emily and Diva and Cunningham and Portnoy and Martell are swimming with sharks in Los Angeles but always make time for Uninflected Images; LoveStrong and Agnax and Savage Art peek in from east coast of the U.S. (not sure where exactly since Sitemeter and Statcounter give each two different locations)...Unk and Mystery Man could be anywhere and everywhere, sometimes I think they actually are....and whenever I am so fortunate to get a shout out link from one of the 'real bloggers' (you know who you are) - the visits and comments can come from darn near the world.

I find that fascinating.

This exposure to different lifestyles, viewpoints, attitudes, perspectives, and opinions outside of one's own small life's not only fascinating, it's entertaining and enlightening. I also find it remarkable that a little experiment in self-motivation that began just 6 months ago has resulted in over 2100 profile views and nearly 10,000 visits. Amazing actually.

That said, I wanted to take this opportunity to put out the question of whether there are some topics or areas of interest that readers might want to hear more about...otherwise I'll just stay the course.

So a tip of the hat but no wag of the finger - thanks for giving me the impetus to share everything from tales from the tv trenches to music I enjoy, like Bob Mould and Sugar, and everything inbetween. It's been a fun hobby to date.

File Under: Easy Listening

p.s. a special shout out to Oklahoma's MovieQuill and the U.K.'s lovely Optimistic Reader (though she don't show up on Technorati, same as a lot of UK links...odd) who were two of the first to link me up...


Crashdummie said...

The fact that ppl take the time to drop by and see how you are doing is just a way of saying that they care – abt the post, your view or simply you. So shine…

But then again, if you are feeling too good, don’t worry, you’ll get over it ;)


Unknown Screenwriter said...

Always checkin' on ya...


LoveStrong said...

It is fitting that I show up from 2 different locations. Sometimes I don't even know where I am...

Thanks for the shout out. And whether you decide to change topics of interest or stay the course, I'll keep checking in (and probably commenting; I'll yammer on about anything...)

Good Dog said...

This exposure to different lifestyles, viewpoints, attitudes, perspectives, and opinions outside of one's own small life's not only fascinating, it's entertaining and enlightening.

Exactly the way I see it. Especially since the inflexible attitudes of the circle of people Work Buddy and I meet up with in London are becoming so provincial of late.

The blogs I check out daily, starting with you and Denis, entertain, inform, and give much needed food for thought. It's been good to discover a fair number of people over here pushing their own rock up the hill, and finding out how they're getting along.

As for suggestions for topics to cover, I'd say keep going the way you are. Otherwise you'll be writing what folk want to hear rather than what you want to tell us.

Anyway, based on your recommendation I'm two episodes into Heroes. And it's looking really good.

Riddley Walker said...

Hear hear, dear boy.

I think the same applies to me, whether people leave comments, or I go blundering about, yapping away on their blogs. It's lovely to gain some different perspectives on the world.

I think you'd be able to talk on as wide a variety of subjects as take your fancy (people still come back to my blog, and I have absolutely no idea what theme there might be to it!).

We'll all still be checking back in and seeing where you're at, fella. ;-)

English Dave said...

Writers' Blogs are a combination of Information, consternation and masturbation. What's not to like? lol

greg said...

There is something so comforting as to know that there are others out there - stumbling forward in the dark - trying to make sense out of this business that we love by doing the things we love - even when we're not sure what or why things work or do not.

Thanks for the perspective, the shout-out, the music...

You're a daily destination that inspires me to continue to create.

Thanks brother...

Sal said...

I too love the way people from all over the place show up - my favourite bit of Blogpatrol is the little set of maps for the countries of origin of visitors.

As others have said, keep doing what you do on your blog. I don't comment as often as I should but I do enjoy popping in to read.

The Film Diva said...

Will, I have your comment taped to my desk as I write and rewrite -- and it's got me 75 pages worth of stuff, so there you have it. Will Dixon has changed my life. I'm the better for having known you, cyber or otherwise, can't imagine how much further ahead I would be if I actually got to meet you in person!!

Keep putting yourself out there. I love blogging because folks have nothing to gain from checking in with one another but a good time, maybe some help and always a little company.

In re your blogging -- You've got a good balance on your blog, I have no notes at this time. :-)

Callaghan said...

I'm a little late on this one, but I needed to say it:

Sugar were wicked.

Copper Blue was one of the 5 best albums of the 90's.

And WC Dixon has impeccable taste in music.