Monday, November 13, 2006

Let's Mix It Up...

...shall we?

I'm of the mind as of tonight that 'Dexter' and 'Heroes', two of my most watched new tv shows, haven't necessarily 'jumped the shark' but are 'stuck at the dock' or are 'spinning their wheels' or some other catch phrase for starting to feel repetitive. My other realization is that their initial 'series arc mystery' is a limited one trick pony, and thus got me wondering - where do they go from here?

Heroes - Save the the world!

Okay - let's preume they save the cheerleader, thus save the world (or there ain't no more show). Then what?

As for Dexter, I'm not saying I'm no longer entertained. But I think I know who the ice truck killer is - and the little knowing look into the camera by Dexter at the end of last nights episode felt a little 'Dr. Evil' over the top. Okay, minor complaints - and I will let them stretch this out for a season...but then what?

Now I'm happy to be proven wrong. I admit I thought '24' and 'Prison Break' and even 'Lost' had no legs based on their premise, and look at them now.

And I realize this discussion may prove to be fruitless because viewers aren't up to speed plus I'm not advocating to give up a lot of 'spoilers', but I'm putting it out there anyway.


Lee said...

My hope is that the whole nuclear explosion thing will be done and dusted before the end of the season, and the transition to the next big crisis will lead to the finale's cliffhanger. I don't want to see them do a Dead Zone: dangle the apocalypse in front of us and leave it hanging for five years.

Dexter disappointed me last week with it's oh so literal deus ex machina, and yesterday's episode cast the anvils around all too liberally. As soon as I saw the stump doctor in the previouslies, I more or less saw the rest of the season play out. Hope I'm wrong, I'd hate to end up predicting every beat between now and the end of the season.

Good Dog said...

Only seen the first four episodes of both Dexter and Heroes, the last of which I polished off today. (Although, I just have to tuck the external drive under my arm and race up to Rid's for the rest).

Watching the two, one after another, it's interesting to compare the two: Heroes being stuffed full of action and information, while Dexter continues forward at a relatively relaxed pace.

Which means, Heroes I can see carrying on into a second season and beyond. I'm sure I read somewhere that Tim Kring had large a large, multi-season story mapped out. But then they all say that.

Still, the world map in Sylar's apartment had a lot more photos and locations than the one Suresh was working from. Just from the pace of the first four, there's surely going to be a whole lot more than "Save the cheerleader... save the world!"

I guess we'll have to wait and see. Personally, I'd just be happy to know what the tattoo on Nikki's shoulderblade is all about.

As for Dexter, how much will they have to up the ante for the second season, which has already been commissioned, right? I assume the whole Ice Truck Killer storyline runs right to the end of the season. Then again, it is only twelve episodes. I think it's a great show, but of the two it'll be the second year of Heroes I'll be more eager to see.

The again, watching a few episodes of the first season of 24 again recently, it's interesting to see how much the series has evolved since the early days, putting in multiple story threads than build, one ontop the other, along with subplots that can be paid off, rather than repeat the kind of mid first-season episodes that had the wife fannying about with no memory of how to act.

My biggest surprise is how many great dramas there are on at the moment. Shame though out of the ones I watch only one is British. And that ends in four weeks.

Anonymous said...

Heroes need some mutant Soviet Assasins to come from the past to recalim the future for Russia!

Soviet Assassins!!!

..or something like that.

Seriously though, Hiro needs to chop some heads off with that sword, and we definately need to see some battles between heroes. Even Battlestar Galactica must hot drop into an atmosphere every once and a while so we can see what she's made of.

wcdixon said...

Thanks for the comments...and appreciate the input.

I think what I found myself struggling with today (besides a killer headache) was that commitment that must come with watching most North American tv series. It's a long term affair, not a one night stand. And you want to be in it for the long haul, which in most cases means at least 5 seasons or 65 episodes, whichever comes first.

I don't put the same kind of pressure on paychannel series or limited series or most UK series (Sleeper Cell, The (UK) Office, Life On Mars, Slings And Arrows) because the notion seemed to be there from the start that this 'story' is finite. It will be the best that it can be within a certain timeframe. And then it's over. Like a extra long movie or mini-series.

Most conventional network series are asking you to come along for a potentially neverending ride. If I am gonna ride, I want to believe they can accomplish that, AND keep me entertained.

'Heroes' and 'Dexter' have most definitely kept me entertained and on my toes so far, I'm just starting to wonder for how long.

Or maybe the Tylenol will kick in and I'll delete this post

Anonymous said...

I think there can only be so many serials.

The eposodics will return in full force in a couple of years.

TMN just picked up a medical drama based on a book of short stories btw..

Get better Will.

Bre said...

My whole thing is, Hiro bends time and space! That leaves unlimted do-overs. In theory it could make for good TV I suppose, but in practice? I'm crossing my fingers and hoping for the best.

Chopped Nuts said...

I've never really bought the idea of making a "commitment" to a tv show - that makes it sound like work, when in fact all we're doing is sitting on our fannies (no you Brits, not that fanny) and, well, watching tv.

If it is indeed a commitment, it's one of the few in the world we'll ever have where there's no penalty for drooling or belly-scratching at the same time.

As for future seasons of Heroes, what if it's like all those disaster stories from the world of human-nature interactions: We intervene to save rabbits in Australia, next thing you know the place is lousy with them. Season Two of Heroes: Invasion of the Cheerleaders! Short skirts fly! Pom-poms everywhere... what was my point again? ...drools...

TV Minion said...

I love Heroes, so I am biased - but I think all the plot threads they have going allow for a decent number of long-term stories. I mean, the primary threat is Explodey-Guy for this season - but what's up with the tats? Is Mr. Bennet Professor X or the evil Canadians that made Wolverine?

I think the fact that it's such a huge cast leaves more potential for a longer run, but yeah. I can see how there might be concern.

But I love it. :D

greg said...

So far - I'm really liking Heroes... but I agree with you:

When I saw that "save the cheerleader- save the world" tag line - I vomitted a little bit in my mouth.


The rest of show is really fun - but to make that a tag line and then run it every commercial and promo? Wow. Stupid. And it does make it a bit embarrassing for those of us who like the series to be able to come out and say we do.

But how bout that waitress last night? Was she a blast of fresh air or what?

wcdixon said...

Alright...let's let that one go. Both shows are still worth watching (and even after what I said, I'm still in awe of so much of Dexter - I just hope I'm wrong about the Ice Truck killer if thats going to take us to the end of the season). Heroes I'm sure will show its legs soon - or at least better resolve the 'cheerleader' thingee sooner over later.
And let's not forget V Mars. It's had its ups and downs, but when its on, its soooooo on.

Bill Cunningham said...

Yes, I look at HEROES and hope its a series of seasonal novels with an overall arc of the heroes discovering who they are, what they are here to do and why...that's about four seasons worth right there.