Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Thin Lizzy Party's Down

So if you haven't seen it out yet I strongly suggest you give Starz new comedy series Party Down a try (available up here in Canada on Super Channel). I'm telling you true, this show is quickly growing on me, and I've been trying to figure out why.

Maybe there's just something inherently funny yet endearing about a quirky collection of wannabe's working for a L.A. catering company while still clinging to their dreams of making it in Hollywood. Maybe because its tone and style reminds me of the dark, dry, absurdist humour of some of my other favourite comedies like Curb Your Enthusiasm or Arrested Development.

Or maybe its because I'm starting to develop a serious fanboy crush on Lizzy Caplan.

Caplan plays Casey Klein - a pretty, smart, yet insecure "comedienne that happens to make ends meet as a cater-waiter.” Careening towards 30, she has been grinding away for years and perennially seems on the verge of that elusive big break.

And if Caplan looks sorta kinda familiar, that's probably because you saw her in Cloverfield, or perhaps you caught her memorable stint last season on HBO's True Blood...a role that won her Mr. Skins' Best TV Nude Scenes of 2008. Not that that has anything to do with anything.

I just think she's cute, and really like the chemistry between her and co-star Adam Scott (playing down and out 'once famous' actor Henry Pollard).

Scott's also a cutie, and also not afraid to take it all off (he previously starred in HBO's 'Tell Me You Love Me')...not that that has anything to do with anything either.

But it doesn't hurt, especially if you're looking for some sexy with your comedy.

So check it out...in fact, you can catch up with a Party Down four episode Marathon, April 19th at 5p ET on Super Channel 1 and Super Channel HD1.


DMc said...

Dude I was totally going to comment on your post as soon as I started reading it thinking, "gee, I wonder if Will knows about just HOW very naked she was in True Blood."

But I forgot that Beavis is the master.

How Good? Bloodgood!

wcdixon said...

Apples and oranges, DMc...but dems still some nice oranges.

There will never be another Bloodgood.