Friday, April 03, 2009

Muscle Worship, Bragging Rights, and Dopplegangers

Louis Theroux is a British broadcasting personality and interviewer who specializes in long-form 'man on the street' investigative reports...a lot of which are pretty hilarious and Friday Fun worthy.

Like with a bodybuilder and his agent, or at pro wrestling school with pro wrestling trainers, or bragging at confidence building classes.

But main reason I want to highlight Mr. Theroux is because of the number of times I've been told I look like him. I first came across one of his shows on TV last year and literally sat straight up in amazement...not quite like looking in a mirror (I do have a few years on him), but pretty darn close.

The resemblance has since been pointed out to me ad nauseam (he's at the top and bottom...I'm the two in the middle).

It's said we all have a twin out there in the world Theroux mine?

Because it made me smile.


Callaghan said...

I wish Louis would do more work in North America. The guy is gold. He was amazing as a correspondent on TV Nation.


Your Girl Jimmy said...

Woah that's weird. I never noticed that before. I'm not sure how that one slipped past me because I was a hardcore fan of Louis Theroux's Wild Weekend. Especially the episode where he interviews that lady magic man who can 'manipulate' women into believing they want to date him.

wpascoe said...

Doppelganger for sure. And uncanny.
Theroux is a mad genius.

Kate said...

He is considered (rightfully) the thinking woman's totty back home (UK)

Purest Green said...

That is indeed incredibly creepy. Now all you have to do is hear the call of the Weird and you'll be set to interview KKK wrestlers between rounds at a desert whorehouse. Have an excellent time.