Monday, April 13, 2009

Playoff Pool

The details are up HERE at Jim Henshaw's place...go there for all the in's and out's of the 3rd Annual Infamous Writers (& Bloggers) Hockey Pool, but here's the short version:

You join "The Infamous Writer's Hockey Pool" by sending me an email at with "POOL PICKS" in the subject line between 8:00 AM EST Monday (today)and 6:00 PM EST Wednesday night (April 15/09). The Playoffs begin an hour or so later.

In your email, list the 10 skaters and 2 Goalies who make up your team. They can be members of any of the 16 teams competing in the opening round. The scoring is as follows:

For every goal or assist scored by your skater you earn 1 point. Every time your goalie wins you also earn a point and seven points each time he earns a shutout. Shutouts in Stanley Cup play are rare and skaters will always earn more points than a Goalie, but this is a way of evening things up.

The 12 players you choose are yours for the entire tournament. As the teams your players represent fall by the wayside, they cease earning you points, but their totals remain a part of your total. In the end, the poolie with the most points wins.

I'll post your team online. All players will be provided with a password so they can check their progress throughout the playoffs.

Easy easy easy....and fun! Individual player stats can be found HERE. And HERE are the first round match ups:

Boston vs. Montreal
Washington vs. NY Rangers
Carolina vs. New Jersey
Philadelphia vs. Pittsburgh

San Jose vs. Anaheim
Detroit vs. Columbus
Vancouver vs. St. Louis
Calgary vs. Chicago

So c'mon everyone, into the pool. The water may be a tad cold but still lots of fun to be had.

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