Friday, October 03, 2008

Sanctuary 2.0

Remember when I chatted up old pal Damian Kindler about his new web-only supernatural series 'Sanctuary'? Well after a relatively successful run on the internets, the show was picked up by Sci Fi Channel in the U.S. and then eventually Movie Network/Movie Central here in Canada (funny how so many of our Canadian nets only come in after our neighbours to the south get on board...hmmm) for a 13 episode television season.

The rejigged and rewritten reboot of the pilot premieres tonight, and although some reviews or other reviews or even other reviews haven't been glowing, with old colleagues like Damian and Sam Egan (Outer Limits) and Martin Wood (Earth: Final Conflict) at the helm, I'm still looking forward to it. I'm sure it was difficult to re-introduce the series again after you've already done it, but now with a whole new layer of input and expectations. And the news hasn't been all negative, especially with the Canadian Press. And here's a nice article where Wood discusses the in's and out's of directing a show set primarily against green screen.

Check out Sanctuary this evening....let's see where they take us.


Stephen Gallagher said...

I'm sure it was difficult to re-introduce the series again after you've already done it

The thought of being able to remake a completed project from scratch is quite a beguiling one. There's always something you wish you'd done differently. But I suppose the reality of that could be something else altogether. It's nice to move on, too.

wcdixon said...

On the money as usual Mr. Gallagher. The 'Sanctuary' pilot got a 'do-over' so to speak...but the question remains whether the shows' creators found redoing made it any better? Or just different.

morjana said...

Hi, Will.

I watched all of Sanctuary's webisodes, and was impressed with their quality.

I watched the premiere on the SciFi Channel -- and was even more impressed by how they had expanded the first 4 webisodes into a two-hour pilot, expanded the back-story on characters, and did some tinkering here and there.

I'm really looking forward to the THIRD episode, when they start with new material.

Excellent production values, I had a hard time (except for the moving vehicles) determining where the green screen effects were most of the time -- and they're everywhere!

Best wishes to everyone working on/with Sanctuary, and to you, Will.


Gillian said...

I *really* LOVED the 2nd half of the Sanctuary pilot! The show has a great deal of potential and more importantly, the story is actually interesting to me! I actually WANT to turn on the telly and see what happens next - and as someone who hates pilots and tends to dislike entire first seasons altogether, this is saying a lot.

The show has some rough elements -but they are not enough to keep me from breathlessly awaiting the next instalment of Sanctuary!

I want to know what happens NEXT!!!

Dave said...

The pilot is on in the UK tomorrow night on ITV4 so I'll definitely be tuning in.