Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Gonna See If I Can't Unwind

Thanks to Jaime Weinman for reminding me that South Park returns tonight to Comedy Central for the second half of its 12th season with the episode 'The China Probrem'. I can't remember when this ep will air up here in Canada, whether it's this Friday night or next Friday night. But no matter, I'll catch it online later this evening (which makes me wonder...since most US TV series are simulcast up here at the same time, including 'premium' shows from HBO and Showtime, why do we always have to wait a few days or a week to catch South Park on Canada's Comedy Network?).

Anyway, Weinman was somewhat underwhelmed by the first half of Season 12 which aired back in the spring...and upon reflection I suppose I have to agree. I feel kind of fortunate to have only discovered South Park and all of its yummy goodness in the past couple years, when the show has really been on a roll. But the whacked-out funny goodness of 'Super Fun Time' and 'Major Boobage' didn't make up for several one-note one joke episodes like 'Over Logging', 'Britney's New Look', and 'Canada On Strike'. And the show has set the bar pretty high with a lot of consistently brilliant episodes (not to mention lotsa relevant political, social, and cultural commentary) in Seasons 9-11....which Mr. Weinman also points out in this great article he wrote earlier this year.

Come to think it...who cares what I think. Go read Weinman, and find somewhere to watch 'The China Probrem' tonight. Even if it isn't an 'instant classic' ('Make Love Not Warcraft' or 'Le Petite Tourette' anyone?), South Park's less than stellar episodes are still better than most comedy series on air right now.

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