Monday, October 06, 2008

Bill Kills

Sorry about being all linky and slutty, but that's how some days go.

Today Bill 'the Mad Pulp Bastard' Cunningham comes out swinging, then pulls off the gloves and tears apart some B-movie maker's lame poster and marketing campaign. Witness the carnage HERE...

Part of me has been sometimes tempted to post a really badly executed (read: shitty) synopsis or outline or screenplay I've been sent, just to point out what's not working (read: rip it a new asshole) in an effort to educate and inform...but I always jam out. Maybe it's because I'm just a nice guy. More like I'm just a pussy.

Not Bill.

But as tough as he is on these poor people's work (or peoples' poor work), there's a lot to be learned from their mistakes and his analysis. is in session at Pulp 2.0. Go. Now.

p.s. I especially liked the 'why the Trajan font sucks' clip.


Cunningham said...

Boss - you can "linkslut" me anytime.

(Just keep posting those Sara Shahi pics)

I don't hold any ill will to these filmmakers at all. I want them to succeed in EVERY WAY POSSIBLE. You and I both know how freaking debilitating making an indie movie can be - so why not take it up a notch and make it all worth it?

To make a movie then flush it all down the intertubes with poor marketing is downright insane. And really - with the internet being what it is - you can post up prelims and get some valuable feedback right away. Put those social networks to good use!

Oh - and if you want a shitty synopsis or two I'll send you some of mine.

wcdixon said...

You did give me pause for an afterthought though, much of the 'blame' should fall on the producers/filmmakers, vs. how much on the distributors or marketing/sales/poster designers/writers? Because a film can get picked up by a distrbutor and one has no say in the marketing campaign.

Or are they all one and same in your opin...

Cunningham said...

Well -

certainly there is blame to be laid all around. I've had to hack out my fair share of work because we just acquired a movie that had to be promoted in a week's time.

But --

- If you're a producer trying to get a traditional distributor interested in your movie then it's in your best interest to come out swinging with something that sells the movie (because movie sales people are notoriously lazy fucks).

- If you're going to upload your movie and try to sell downloads then you are the defacto writer/director/producer/distributor/marketer and have to consider all of this.

What really irks me is that indie people hack out artwork as an afterthought - when seriously if they thought about the art and everything else prior to filming then the films would turn out to be more coherent, crafted and "sellable".