Sunday, October 12, 2008


So, not only did the Leafs get stomped 6-1 by Montreal last night, the new Hockey Night In Canada Theme song winner was announced:

Um...yeah. (Bagpipes...seriously? Since when did our national sport become synonymous with the River Dance?)

Oh well, at least it doesn't suuuuuccck. When Monday Night Football changed its theme song there was lots of grumbling and gnashing of teeth, and now we can't imagine it any other way. Eventually, this HNIC anthem will be the norm.

So for old times sake, HERE is the old HNIC theme song...but also found this entry that didn't make the finalists but absolutely positively should have been on the short list:

I laughed till I peed. Then I ate more pumpkin pie.

Happy Thanksgiving Canada!


DMc said...

Oh shit. that's funny.

Gotta admit, I kind of like the new theme. And they did a great job with that new opening, too.

Hockey Night in Canada -- that's the franchise. A theme is just a theme.

jimhenshaw said...

Dix, cut yourself an extra thick slab of pie for that one. You made my day!

Ryan said...

I can sort of see where the bagpipes come from. They don't signify hockey, they signify Canada, inasmuch as the way to signify Canada is to find something Americans would never ever do, and then do it.

"The Book of Don" said...

I know you didn't ask but...I wonder why the Corp didn't pay her what she wanted for the original theme then DONATE it to the Hockey Hall of Fame? That way they'd have received a tax write-off for the donation while being able to apply a book-keeping value to the gzillions of yearly impressions the Hall display would have received. Seems like a plan to me?