Tuesday, February 26, 2008

TV Trades And Deadlines

Anyone who follows hockey knows it's trade deadline day for the NHL...when teams try to make last minute additions or deletions to bolster their lineups and get ready for the upcoming Stanley Cup playoffs. And it got me thinking: what if there was a trade deadline day for TV writer's and director's during the course of the television production season?

Of course, in many ways, working freelance in the film/TV business is a lot like being a sports athlete. You move from show to show...city to city even, and you try to be a complimentary fit to the team that's already in place, and before you know it you're yesterday's news and it's time to go learn how to sell cars.

But if there was a trade deadline day for this year's post-writer's strike 'restarted' TV season, what shows do you think need help? Does House need to be defibbed ? Is Lost lost? Does Heroes need some new muscle? Is 24 running out of time? Is the The Border on the fence...?

And if you were the showrunner/general manager of any of these and the other shows...who would you trade away, and who would you want to bring in and why?

(I ask this knowing hardly anyone knows the actual names of any TV writers or directors or producers, so an analysis of what a show needs more of or could lose will suffice...)

And to help fuel this fire, McGrath and Weinmann both reference lame vampire show Moonlight's recent decision to finish their season without a showrunner. Yikes.


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CAROLINE said...

OK, I am not a hockey person as you all know, but it seems like it would be a good season for writers this year given so many development deals got cancelled during the strike ... in hockey lingo (I think), lots of quality free agents out there, no? Good for them but probably bad for everyone else? That's all I've got today, I'm frozen in body and mind.