Sunday, February 10, 2008

It Takes Two (To Bust A Move)

Looks like we might be very close to a deal and an end to the Writers Strike 2007/ usual, Nikki Finke has all the behind the scenes and play by play.

The last WGA strike was in 1988, almost twenty years ago. I remember first hearing reports that that strike was over as I was listening to the radio sitting outside the Connaught Library in my black VW Bug....probably days after it was actually settled. Today we have the internets and news channels and are hearing updates before the negotiators even finish their sentences. Not sure which way is better anymore.

At any rate, then the song of that summer came on: "It Takes Two" by Ron Base & DJ Easy Rock.

Okay, it ain't Bust A Move, but even as a newbie writer, it still made me wanna get out of my car and boogie...

Here's hoping the WGA and AMPTP have found an acceptable middle ground, and all our members and gonnabe members are dancing soon...

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