Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Older...But No Wiser's?

Well, another 365 days have gone by and this old man is one year closer to the big Five-Oh.


And most days it feels like I still know next to nothing... especially about how to make quality entertaining TV in Canada without all the bullshit that seems to accompany that 'which shouldn't be so difficult and lofty but still is' goal here.

Double. Yikes.

So what I do know...I know that we need some new blood on this here TV/film blog circuit. Not only have the old guard been dropping like flies (my Technorati links to other blogs have dropped from 60 down to 25 in the past three months as a lot have just packed it in), but there's been hardly anyone new stepping up and joining the fray. C'mon peoples...we know you're reading, start blogging!

And I know it was inspiring to hear Denis talking smart on the Q yesterday...someone should give that boy a medal.

And it was also inspiring to hear Cunningham's talk with Kung Fu Monkey's John Rogers about all things bright and beautiful including John's new TV series Leverage. Nice one, Centaurians.

And I did buy a Blu-Ray back in November instead of a HD DVD player. After today's announcement by Toshiba, that was a smart call.

Little of the more interesting reasons I heard for the Blu-Ray triumph was that, to the average consumer, the name 'Blu-Ray' just sounded sexier and cooler and more attractive than HD DVD. Who'd have thunk it, but damn if that didn't sort of ring true for me.

And one of my students at the University nominated me for an 'Inspirational Sessional Instructor' award today...closing his/her letter with the line 'Will should be thanked for what is an utterly thankless job'. I smiled at that. Thanks mystery student.

So maybe I'm not so dumb, but still not as smart as I seem. Nevertheless, to the year gone by and to the one ahead...cheers. I'm sipping Wiser's Rye Whiskey...have a drink on me.


Good Dog said...

Happy birthday, Will. Hope you're having a darn tootin' good day.

Juniper said...

I'll raise my glass (Crown Royal and Cola) to ya.

Happy Birthday Will!

Hope you have a Fantastic Day!


Anonymous said...

I raise my coffee to you sir! Have a great day and a most excellent year.

Cunningham said...

Happy Birthday, Old Man!

I'll be 45 (and getting younger every day) on the 27th...

Jaime J. Weinman said...

Happy Blu-Ray! I mean, happy birthday!

Maybe that's why Blu-Ray took off; it sounds kind of like "Birthday" while HD-DVD only sounds like... I dunno... HD-DVD. I think three or four initials are the public's upper limit, but if they have to say five letters in a row, they're tuning out.

Kelly J. Compeau said...

You're still a smokin' hot dude, Will, regardless of your age.

Choppednuts said...

You're still a smok... Aw, Kelly stole mine!

DMc said...

Will Will Will. I stole your picture and made sport of it.

Happy Birthday!

morjana said...

Hi, Will!

Happy Birthday! Hope this new year will be the best so far.

Now...wait till you hit 60 (years, not mph).

That's when the fun starts!



LOL CA - little old lady from california (but NOT pasadena)

jimhenshaw said...


I got years on you and I still don't know shit! -- And manage to prove it 3 days out of 5.

Happy Birthday!


Rhea said...

I am 49, so that big birthday looms for me, too. FYI: I am a Boston-based journalist and aspiring screenwriter.

Lee said...

Happy belated, Will! Sorry for the tardiness.