Friday, February 29, 2008

C'mon Children...Don't Be Shy

You've read the news've read the outraged bloggers here and here and here do the right thing and follow McGrath's lead (all the directions HERE) and write your MP or the PM or someone in the government and tell them that Bill C10 can 'suck...your...balls'

Because if the South Park gang makes you smile like they make me smile, this is exactly the kind of programming that could be made by a Canadian producer but then be deemed 'offensive' and have it's tax credits/gov't funding retroactively retracted by the Heritage Minister via Bill C10.

And that's just wrong...wroooonng I tell you.


jimhenshaw said...

If a Canadian producer wouldn't be allowed to do programming like "South Park" under this system -- doesn't that mean that our networks could be forced to forego Government funding in the form of advertising or CTF envelopes if they broadcast the original?

If you can't get Government money because your program contravenes public policy then you surely shouldn't be able to get it if you violate "Public Policy" by broadcasting the same sort of thing that's made somewhere else.

The potential chasms in the broadcast schedule are breathtaking.

wcdixon said...

ooooo...very good point, Jimmy.

My head is spinning because of all this quite frankly

Tim T said...

So I guess I should abandon my idea for a semi-softcore movie about the 2nd coming of Jesus where he turns out to be a drug addicted nymphomaniac huh.

Kidding aside, what the hell? Who actually thought this was a good idea? Is there some conspiracy to stop Canadian film and TV altogether in favour of just cheaply buying american shows that aren't held to the same standard? What about the American shows filmed in Canada?

wcdixon said...

It's crazy Tim, seriously.