Wednesday, February 27, 2008

There Better Be An Episode Two!

Two great TV writing primer posts out there right now:

John Rogers smartly speculates on how to get noticed with your specs...and Ken Levine (who never fails to make me smile almost every single post) throws down some tips about creating series and writing pilots.

From Ken:
Don't give the girls boys' names and the boys girl' names. It's confusing enough remembering who all the characters are without Sam being a girl and Jan being a guy. And every pilot seems to have a "Kevin". Even if it's set in ancient Rome.

The most common mistake most young pilot writers make is that they over-reach.

“It’s part romantic comedy, part workplace comedy, set in a foreign country with its own language and customs. Kinda like ENCHANTED meets THE WIRE”.

Trust me, by page five you're throwing yourself in front of buses.

Love it. Go read 'em both...

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