Thursday, November 08, 2007

I've Been Slashed

I know I have every reason in the world to really dislike the Guitar Hero video game series...but the new commercial for Hero III with Slash is still pretty cool.

Because it rocks.

Note: the version currently airing goes to the logo card while Slash is still playing, as opposed to swishing away and back again to reveal the college student at the end as per the above spot. Interesting...I wonder if it was just a timing issue, or did it test better to go out on the real deal.


Callaghan said...

I was firmly against Guitar Hero in theory. Turned my nose up, just like any "real" musician would.

But then I played it. And it rocked.

And now I'm a convert.

It's tough being a music snob sometimes.

wcdixon said...

Yeah, that's my fear...that once I go there I'll never come back (I've already seen what can happen to the kids with Dance Dance Revolution)

Tim Thurmeier said...

This is a warning if you decide to play the game.

Every song you hear with a guitar in it be prepared to start imagining it as if you were playing the part in guitar hero.

I can't listen to Free Bird without actually doing the finger movements from GH2.