Monday, November 12, 2007

This Ain't Your Teen's O.C. ...

...or Gossip Girl, or Degrassi, or The Best Years for that matter.

I'm talking about offbeat UK teen angst drama series that aired earlier this year on E4 and then Channel 4....and it's definitely more Trainspotting than 90210. There's a great deal of swearing, drug use, nudity and sex...but you know, it's also actually pretty entertaining.

It stars a number of fine young actors, including the terrific Nicholas Hoult (you know, the kid from About A Boy), who portray a group of Bristol friends, each at sixth form college. I watched the first two episodes and found it funny, dark, honest, harsh, twisted, even surreal, yet still not afraid to tackle teenage issues. I'm looking forward to the remaining eight eps, and it apparently did well enough across the pond to receive an order for a second season.

So where did I catch this 'new' series to Canadian TV? Super Channel.


But before the comments start flooding in charging I'm just selling out to 'the man', let me add that I also saw the pilot to another Super Channel Canadian exclusive...the new Flash Gordon series.

Meh...not so good.

Check out Skins won't be disappointed.


Callaghan said...

So, uh, when is Super Channel coming to Rogers in Toronto?

Is it true that they picked up Burn Notice?

(Dixon, you're now the source for any and all Super Channel questions, I hope you realize.)

wcdixon said...

I know nothing.

Yes, they've got 'Burn Notice', and as soon as Rogers is official I'll let you know.

CAROLINE said...

I love Skins! I got DVD copies from the UK.

jimhenshaw said...

(tsk, tsk) Willllll-burrrr...

We all know you're proud of your new corporate diggs and want them to succeed. And we all want you to be the northern Les Moonves (albeit a more writer friendly version) as soon as possible.

But have we already fallen into the "look at all the cool non-Canadian programming we've got" crevice?

I mean what a cultural relief that Shaw couldn't get approval to broadcast USA network and shows like "Burn Notice" on a less expensive tier, so we could pay more to see it on Super Channel!

Please, Buddy, "Beware the Dark Side!" it creeps up on such cloven little hooves.

And BTW how are those subscriptions coming? Are you guys into double digits yet?


wcdixon said...


Henshaw punches low, and hard.