Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Good On You...All Of You

Kudo's to all those Canadian writers and creatives (and others around the world) who took to the streets today in support of our WGA brothers and sisters south of the border.

From, whilst on the line in Toronto, McGrath speaks:

Canadian TV and film writers joined writers in Paris, London, Berlin and other entertainment centres around the world in a show of support for their U.S. colleagues.

"As Canadian writers, what happens in the U.S. desperately affects us," said Denis McGrath, a Canadian screenwriter picketing outside Toronto's Sony Centre.

"We already make a lot less money than American writers do, and we still have it better than writers in other countries," he said. "So all around the world today, in six, seven cities around the world, different members of their national writers guilds are marching in solidarity with the WGA for their deal on internet rights."

Jill Golick posts pics. And then, of course, DMc reports. It's all about the weather indeed.

Well done, everyone...

...even where it was cold.

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jimhenshaw said...

We knew you were snoed in but there in spirit, Dix. According to the Guild it's the biggest turn out they've had for anything that didn't include free drink tickets.

Believe it or not, Sony had rented cops to make sure we didn't get out of line. Lots of civilians stopping to ask questions or offer support, Teamsters Honking their horns.

Not as cool as Regina right now, but close.