Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Baby It's Cold Outside

Just like that, temps plummeted yesterday...and the six months of hell that is not spring, summer, or fall officially begins.

Minus 26 C.

Minus 39 C with the wind chill.

Frakin' freezing.

You know about wind chill, of course. That's the feels like in, it's 26 below zero, but it "feels like" 39 below.

Sorry...doesn't feel just is.

Plus more than two inches of snow. Saskatchewan in the winter...not so awesome.

Dreaming of warmer climes...y tu mamá también.


Juniper said...

Nice post Will.

How cold can that really be? I mean really? Is it cold enough to have your tongue stick to things?

The pictures of winter always "look" nice.


Tim Thurmeier said...

I had to shovel my driveway twice yesterday. And that's not even a bad day. I can't wait for the days where I shovel over a foot of snow while my beard freezes and turns white. It's like white frosted tips (and it has happened).

That cursed wind. I wonder if we'll hit -60 with windchill. We were close last year, if we didn't actually hit it.


louford said...

are you standing in the park across from the Hotel Sask with your WGA sign?

Jane said...

That's why people move to LA!

I grew up in Grande Prairie. I've no desire to be that cold again, ever.