Monday, November 19, 2007

Brain Drain Pain

No, I don't mean anguish over the exodus of Canadian creative talent down to the Hollywood Hills...I mean brain drain pain as in how my head head feels whenever I think I'm pretty smart and on top of all that is possible in the brave new world of making movie and TV entertainment, and then I read this forward-thinking post by John Rogers, followed by this post by Bill Cunningham (both inspired in part by this post by Marc Andreessen).

Wow. Me not so sharp as these dudes.

Go and immerse yourselves now, especially the students and may experience brain drain pain, but if you are the future, and what they're discussing will be the future, then ultimately, the headache's well worth it.

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Bill Cunningham said...

Will - thanks for the praise. It's not so much that I am sharp - Certainly not as sharp as the other two - it's that I am an opportunist. That's what the internet provides to all of us -- opportunity. That gets me really excited about all of it.