Sunday, September 02, 2007

Gaining Some 'Leverage'...

Most anyone who cycles through here has already been to visit John Rogers at Kung Fu Monkey, but lest there be any newbies stopping by, please run, don't walk, RUN to catch up with John's day-by-day pre-production diary for the pilot of his new TNT television series entitled Leverage.

It's a crime/heist It Takes A Thief kind of affair...John's one of the writers and an executive producer.

Here's pre-pro Day 1, Day 2, and Days 3-5.

Fav lines so far...

"The key to being an executive producer is knowing when to stay the hell out of the way. Literally everyone on a TV or film crew is usually more experienced than you are as a writer. After all, most of your scripts never get shot. They shoot episodes/movies every week."

"...even though the actor you want for second lead is free as a bird for when you'll actually be shooting the series, you cannot get him for the pilot because he's busy being Cylon #7 for the next three Battlestar Galacticas."

I read behind-the-scenes stuff like this and shake my head wondering what exactly did I learn at film school really (since the internets weren't quite happening way back when like they are today), and then think how so very lucky the college kids are now to have resources like these blogs at their fingertips.

TV Pilot school...all in the comfort of your own home. Thanks Mr. Rogers.

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