Wednesday, September 19, 2007

My Blogging Inspiration...

...or lack thereof, lately.

I know I should be writing more about the craft or process of writing, producing, directing or making film/television (actually, should is the wrong's a blog and can be about whatever it wants to be. However I like to blog about how to do it and do it better), but I find it very difficult to write crafty when not actually in the throes of it all. Some might see that as a good time to turn the blog off, whereas I find it generates inspiration and good examples of things to write about. For me, it's easier to blog when I'm busy.

But there's been no throes of it all of late as far as I'm concerned, just lots of itty bitty things....some rewrites of TV movies...some development...some teaching...but no constant production work.

So inspiration and ideas for posts either come from other blogs, news articles, or the deep recesses of the mind. But the reaching back for memories of experiences is actually more work than recounting something that is happening right in front of you. It requires heavy lifting, or more heavy lifting than usual.

I've also had to come to terms with the 'limitations' of blogging. As in, if you're just doing it for fun and the enjoyment of connecting to and sharing with other like minds, there comes a point where the visit numbers sort of peak and then level off ( this will never be). That leveling off happened about 6 months ago, and since then the visits to Uninflected Images have stayed pretty constant. But for a time, I was driven to try to keep those numbers rising. That in its own way also served as inspiration, but unless I happen upon some new Lindsey Lohan firecr*tch pics the numbers seem likely to change. I realize there are subscribers, how many I have no idea, but without visits or comments one becomes dependent on the statcounter numbers to be the true indicator.

Not that I'm complaining, just stating the facts, but I am starting to feel like the blog is slowly drifting in the sea of 'whateva'. I do have some notions for posts about directing for television, but they seem too 'insider' to be worth reading. Otherwise, the well feels kind of dry.

So, in in effort to get inspired again, maybe there are some questions about the biz or the crafts of producing, directing, and writing TV that readers might have and could ask via email or in the comments. Think about it, drop me a line, and I'll see if I can answer them.

Help a blogger out, won'tcha?


Little Miss Nomad said...

Let's play a "Choose Your Own Adventure" version of this: say you're a month young to LA, work in relatively isolated jobs, just finished writing a couple of spec pilots, know nobody, and are a bit socially inept?
OK, so it's more "Make Up Your Own Adventure" than "Choose," but whatever.

DMc said...



All these blogging TV writers, and nothing from the other side of the fence.

Help us, Obi Wan. How do we speak to you?

Riddley Walker said...

Either go with DMC (for he is correct, the fiend) or, for something of a distraction, how about your musical past?

Okay, that's pretty much serving an audience of one, but it might entertain you to write about and us to read.


Halifax TV/Film said...
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Halifax TV/Film said...

Well, I read your blog every day. (And DMC's, but don't tell him).

Seriously, I think blogging, facebook, myspace, all of that, is a great way for "regular" and people who are not spreading the "above the line B.S.", to share the information.

I'm not being paranoid (well a little bit after starting "The Shock Doctrine") but that's a different story) but it's the only way to get people's opinions that aren't filtered through some sort of media, newspaper, websites, broadcaster, and , God help us E!.

You're one of the few bloggers that knows what he's talking about AND listens to others opinions

So. please, keep the info flowing!

Mef said...

i'm with Denis. Do the director thing. Fuck it if it's too inside. I'd like to hear what you have to say or blog about it.

I don't think a blog can be too inside. But then again I'm not blogging.

Can you swear on this blog?

Halifax TV/Film said...

I think you can fucking swear here. But yeah, let's hear the directing stuff.

English Dave said...

Will, your appeal is your sincerity and intelligence. That's why I head for your blog. Numbers? Meh - that's for networks. Rest easy, this is your fun - enjoy.

Diane Kristine said...

I'm with Mark (who's with DMc). Don't worry about "too inside." Niche audiences are where it's at, unless you're Perez Hilton. Target that underserved market. Forget about the general public (like, er, me). The smaller your target (people interested in TV directing?), the easier it is to reach them and not have to compete with everyone and their cat blogging about the same thing.

But like English Dave, I think the most important thing is blog because you enjoy it and screw the numbers.

jimhenshaw said...

You already have one day of the week covered with "Friday Fun". So how about...

Mondays -- your weekend, cause we all know Regina is the Vegas of the North.
Tuesdays -- perenial DVD/CD release day, and you're always the first in line at HMV
Wednesday -- Hump Day, so obviously that would be directing.
Thursday -- writing or just straightening the rest of us out.

Then take the weekends off so you have something to write about on Monday. Piece of cake!

Who says I don't know how to gather and motivate talent!!!

Damaged Goods said...

hey...don't bail on us now. I read you, Jill, Dmc, Ken Levine plus half a dozen crazy Brits almost everyday, so much so that y'all have "inspired" me to dig through the ruins of my own rather colourful time in this wonderful/terrible industry to try my hand at some blog-writing of my own. And if you have any of those wink-and-a-nudge photos...just go right ahead and post them.

CAROLINE said...

Go with the Henshaw plan. I find a lot of what you have to say pretty relevant and at one point or another you touch on writing and directing and producing. So don't pigeon hole yourself.