Monday, September 24, 2007

Fire. Bad. Blood. Good.

(or more like: "Fire. Baaaaaad. Blood. Goooooood.")

Thanks much for all the props and good suggestions from the bleacher section (I kinda like Jim's proposed 'schedule' actually) presently mulling some new bloggin' topics to tackle.

But until then, let's celebrate the new fall TV season really heating up this week with two new shows tonight I know I'll be checking out...NBC's Chuck and Journeyman. How come? Well, the former cuz it's Alias done funny and I hear it's better than you think, and the latter for the time travel possibilities and the lady with the name that just keeps giving...

(oh, they're not booing, they're saying: Mooooooooooon!)

Actually, I don't hold a lot of hope for either of these programs (even with Rachel Bilson joining the cast of Chuck in October). I think they'll be fun out of the gate, and you know we'll see self-contained episodic stories framed within an overarching season-long mystery or conspiracy, but don't know if that is enough to count as 'legs' anymore (see Daybreak). And we know that's what tee-vee's all about...having legs.

And before the prudists start calling me down and asking when I'm going to: Just. Let. It. Go. (re: Moon Bloodgood), I give you this old Chinese proverb:

"When a finger points to the 'moon', the imbecile looks at the finger."

So there.

... um ...



Diane Kristine said...

I liked both, though they're more "I'll watch it if I'm home and feeling vegetable-like" than must-see TV. And I didn't recognize Moon Bloodglow at first, though I've seen her on your blog often enough. Then again, she had clothes on in the show.

wcdixon said...

Ba Da Bump