Sunday, February 25, 2007

When Life Is Like A House Episode...(With A Little ER Thrown In For Fun)

An exhausting, tension-filled, emotionally challenging, not while watching the Oscars, but while at the side of one of the parental units after they suffered a seizure induced collapse.

Gashes, convulsions, bruises, neck injuries...EMT's...ambulance rides (first time ever anyone in our family calling "911") ...emergency rooms...neck braces and back boards...lots of blood...orderlies using restraint (it's very shocking to witness a parent flailing and striking out and saying 'who are you?' and 'where am I?')...x-rays upon x-rays...hospitalization cards...IV lines and sedatives...CT scans...sutures and stitches...beeping monitors...pacing corridors (wondering things like: "I sure hope they mop down that ER room after each patient because there's blood smears everywhere.") ...eventual righting of senses and bearings...some recognition and admittance...relaxing a bit...waiting for a room...more CT scans (wondering "...what does anomolous areas in CT scans mean and if this was a 'House' episode, when would he call for an MRI?")...more tests...getting a and cards...books and magazines...tiny tv's...fitful sleep...waiting for specialists...ultimately, more questions than answers...

Unfortunately, all of the above took place on my parents 50th wedding anniversary weekend. I'm sure they would've prefered a cake. For now, it seems, everything seems to have stablized for the parental unit in question....however a week of testing now awaits. But a tip of the hat to emergency room doctors and nurses everywhere...that's one gig I know I couldn't handle, and I'm grateful there's good people out there who can.

p.s. Way to go Marty!

SONG&ARTIST? - "I've been first and last
Look at how the time goes past
But I'm all alone at last
Rolling home to you."


CAROLINE said...

Wow, high stress time for your family on what should have been such a momentous and happy occasion. Keeping all of the Dixon clan in my thoughts and prayers.

DMc said...

Hey Will, I'm glad to hear that things are stabilized at least for now. After going through a similar thing with a close relative around Christmas, I agree with your assessment of ER medicine and life and vocation. I couldn't do it either. Hope you get rest and are able to provide everything you need for your parents. Be well.

Lee said...

I hope this works out well for everyone, Will. Best wishes to all of you.

Riddley Walker said...

Holy fuck. I completely agree about the ER staff. We are truly not worthy in their presence. I hope that all is now working out well for you and yours.

Hugs and love.

The Film Diva said...

I'm glad things are stable. Big hugs and prayers for you and your folks. And congrats to them for making 50 years together, that's awesome.

It is reassuring to be around EMT and Emergency room folks during a crisis. They're like rocks.

Bill Cunningham said...

Will -

Sorry you had the drama, and I hope everything's okay there.

Your parent's had their 50th too?

Small world, brother.

Marilyn said...

It's good to hear the parental unit is doing a bit better - I hope they're 100% again soon. And even in the midst of all that, congratulations to your parents on fifty years.

Take care, all of you.

Good Dog said...


Oh boy, I hope the 'parental unit' makes a speedy and full recovery.

Good on the ER folk. We're blessed to have them.

Kelly J. Compeau said...

Oh, my God, Will. I'm so sorry to hear about this family tragedy. I really hope everything will be OK.

Callaghan said...

We'll all be keeping your family in our thoughts Will. Glad to hear things have stabilized.