Thursday, February 22, 2007

Whedon Power!

Well, if I've learned anything this past 24 hours, it's that Joss Whedon and the residual effect of 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' is more powerful/expansive/far-reaching than Hart Hanson and 'Bones'.

How do I know this?

Well, this modest little outfit called Uninflected Images averages around a 100 visits a day. When I posted the Hanson interviews last month, they were linked to about a dozen sites and visits jumped to around 200 a day for that week...peaking at 262 on one day.

Yesterday, my little ramble about writing tv mysteries with several references to Whedon was linked up to Whedonesque, and visits here have averaged well over 100 an hour since then. An hour. This day isn't half done and there's already over a thousand visits.

Makes the head swim. Or speculate about the possibilities.

Like how can we use the internets to help fix Canadian tv?

Or even help me get another gig.




Emily Blake said...

Damn. How can I get me some of that Whedonesque action?

And I admit, I check Whedonesque at least twice a week myself.

Diane Kristine said...

Just mention him favourably in a post. When I interviewed Hart Hanson, he very briefly mentioned him, so that post got Whedonesqued. Bill Lawrence of Scrubs mentioned Buffy and ditto. It's pretty cool that a writer has that kind of devotion, isn't it? You expect it with popular actors, but not so much with the writers. Maybe some day we'll talk about a post getting Dixonesqued, though.

Despite my recent post, and despite my TV Eh site, I don't think the Internet will help much with Canadian TV's promotion issues. You have to have shows that people are rabid about first, then the Internet devotion comes ("hits before clicks" as Les Moonves said). Or call your show something like Little Mosque on the Prairie and see it spread.

Delgarto said...


Will, I took your producing class at the U of R, probably a year or more ago, and had no idea you had a blog. I kind of got hooked on blogs, Whedonesque, John August, etc...

Well, your class was by far the most insightful, and I wish I had a chance to take screenwriting from you as well, but such are things. I'm definitely going to keep up with the blog.

Take it easy,

Letthieri said...

Whedon Power. There's intrinsic value for ya. Like puppies.

wcdixon said...

Oops...I've been outed.

Hiya Tim.