Friday, February 16, 2007

More Bones and House(s)

Variety reports today that Fox Television renews the tv series 'Bones' and 'House' each for another season (Diane squeals).

Fox is showing some early love for "House" and "Bones," picking up both for next season. News is no surprise for "House," which will enter its fourth season this fall. Show, which launched to tepid numbers, eventually burst into a mega-Nielsen performer and now is one of Fox's top-rated tentpole dramas. "Bones," meanwhile, hasn't yet turned into a blockbuster but has seen its fortunes improve at the net, turning into a decent player for Fox.

Season to date, "House" has averaged a strong 7.1 rating/18 share in adults 18-49, as well as 17.4 million viewers. It's Fox's top-rated scripted skein, and No. 3 among all webs with adults 18-49. As for "Bones," the drama has averaged a 3.1 rating/8 share in adults 18-49 season to date, as well as 8.8 million viewers.

But according to the Neilsen ratings, 'Bones' has been topping 11 million the past several weeks, prompting the early renewal I presume (though I figure Hart's appearance here at Uninflected is the real reason).

Ah, the joy of the early pickup. As brutal as early cancelation must feel, the early pickup must feel spectacular.

Congrats to Canucks Hart Hanson (Bones) and David Shore (House) for their well earned success...very nice.


CAROLINE said...

I was delighted to read this yesterday because I love both shows. Kudos to the boys.

Diane Kristine said...

I did not squeal - it wasn't exacly unexpected. You'd have heard me scream from there if it hadn't been, though.

If you're taking credit for the Bones renewal, I think I might have to take credit for the House renewal. Yup, it was all me, never mind the gazillion people who watch.

Crashdummie said...