Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Pollack Does Walken (And The New Yorker Does Time), not prison, nor Time Magazine...but 'time' (as in tick tock) in the movies in a fascinating and very well-written essay about non-linear narrative techniques being used more and more in recent mainstream films (Babel; 21 Grams; Syrianna; Momento) and what it all means...."wooooo" really, it's a good read.

And swinging to the other end of the pendulum, an excerpt from the foul-mouthed yet hilariously insightful documentary about one baaaaad ass joke, 'The Aristocrats'...(though this clip is pretty clean, relatively speaking)...Kevin Pollack imitates Christopher Walken...

"Ask the name first, then get 'em out the door..."

From the intellectual to the infantile, something for everyone.


Heart Of Darkness said...

Hey, the video clip doesn't work... :(

Or maybe it's just my PC... *sigh*

Jutratest said...

I listened to the Creative Screenwriting interview of the writer of Babel.

His main purpose for writing non-linear stories is that he believes that is how people really communicate to each other. When we tell each other stories we don't always start at the beginning and work through it. We jump around.

I liked the interview and I liked Babel, and I don't need to search for a nicely packaged "moral" to the story. I just enjoyed watching it.

Also I liked the strong Michael Mann influence both aurally and visually.

Good Dog said...

Great article. And I love the way it distills Pulp Fiction down to "John Travolta goes to the bathroom four times."

just me said...

non-linear is a very cool way to structure a story.

but it is NOT a cool way to give directions to the nearest gas station.

...just a little food for thought.