Sunday, September 24, 2006

TV Eye On You?

Too Much Vacation... Too Much Junk Food... Too Much Car Trip...

I don't know how many of you have kids, but those who do most likely crossed paths with the Berenstain Bears books. A family of bears + moral and ethical dilemmas = bedtime tales with a life lesson.

Too Much TV was one that always stuck with me.

The kids would be harping on me to watch some show and I'd say:

"Remember Too Much TV? Remember what happened, how the two bear cubs became lazy and complacent and grouchy?"
Kids look at each other and nod.
"So go on, play outside or draw a picture or something."

Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't (when it didn't, it probably didn't help that I would be watching something (for work, of course) whilst giving the speech)...parents...sheesh...

And now there's this USA today report about how the number of televisions in American homes is starting to outnumber the number of occupants (I have 4 tv's so its kind of a break even thingaroo). Combine that with a week of work on a tv series and the fall season premieres kicking into full gear...ugh...too much tv.

So I went out for a walk, got a slice of pizza, came back and tried to read a bit, and then watched 'Squid And the Whale' on the Movie Channel. A movie at least...but I still watched it 'on tv'. Sigh. It seems we can run, but cannot hide.

How many tv's in your home?

SONG & ARTIST? - "See that cat
Yeah I love her so
See that cat
Yeah I love her so
She got a TV eye on me
She got a TV eye
She got a TV eye on me, oh"


Webs said...

Excluding computers, we have two TVs for five people, and one of those TVs is in the basement and is used only for videogames - it gets no TV reception or service.

wcdixon said...

Yes, clarifying - one of our tv's (the basement) is for videogames...and two computers (the laptop being mine...MINE I say!)

Portnoy said...

you've been tagged.

Callaghan said...

Hey Dixon...I fell behind on my blog-reading this week. Finally catching up. You've had some good stuff while I was gone.

Hate to admit it but there are three tv's in my two bedroom apartment. For two people. Never even realized that the tv's outnumber the people until just now. Plus I watch stuff on my laptop all the time.

It's a sickness.

Systemaddict said...

I have two tv's a desktop and a laptop.

I live on my own.

That's kinda staggering when I think about it. However- I probably play about as many games as I do watch TV. I watch more Movies than either of those other mediums.

I justify it with- "I write movies, it's reseach. I'm writing a game, it's research."

However...the enjoyment probably outweighs the work. ;)

Riddley Walker said...

Two tvs for two people - my g/f watches more broadcast tv than me. Err, too many computers. Really.

I have a Playstation 2 gathering dust downstairs, attached to the big TV, for all those times when I'm going to "kick back, relax and shoot some things". Which never happens.

I tend to have saturation periods of watching tv shows, sitting down with the dvds and bulldozing through a season or two, which sort of gives you a different view on how it's been constructed and such. Sometimes informative, sometimes infuriating, sometimes just plain entertaining! ;-)

In all, there are probably only a few shows per week that I'll remember (or be reminded, more accurately) to watch. Aside from that, I'm stuck at the computers.

Doing this!

Mr & Mrs Osterberg's little boy Iggy - TV Eye

Jutratest said...

One TV, one computer, no video games, two people, one cat.

wcdixon said...

Mr Walker, you know your music...kudos

Good Dog said...

One person. One television. Still can't find enough to watch. Sometimes it's easy to mistake it for a fishtank that a baby squid has had a severe panic attack in.

Although, with two monitors hooked up to the computer, I'll sometimes have a DVD running in the corner of one screen.

Jessie said...

One TV, One Computer, One Person. I did read the bear books as a kid! Fun times... :-)

Diane Kristine said...

I definitely contribute my share to the statistic, with two TVs for one person - but only because I can't be bothered to get rid of the old one after I got a newer one. And my desktop is set up with BeyondTV so it can be a low-rent DVR, which means I can watch TV on it, too - but I don't usually. Only the living room TV really earns its keep.

Loved the Berenstain Bears!

Kelly J. Compeau said...

I have two TVs with VCRs to tape things while I'm sleeping or away from home. So, while I'm at my computer doing work for Showbiz Media Services, I watch 3 to 6 hours of television (the TV's right above my monitor). Local news, CNN, CTV Newsworld, home decorating/DIY shows, Oprah, Dr. Phil etc. Then I go to work for P.A. Plus clients around 7pm, and when I come home just after 11, I switch back and forth between Leno and Letterman, followed by 4 to 6 hours of shows I taped during prime time, including ET, ET Canada, eTalk Daily...

Television is my life. Pathetic? Maybe, but I think some of you guys can relate, yes?


Sal said...

One TV that works, one that doesn't, and two people. A laptop each, and two dead PCs that are waiting for me to get myself organised to take them to the recycling place.