Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Really cool to see visits here to Uninflected Images leap from modest to astronomical by my wee standards thanks to complimentary shout outs from Denis McGrath and Alex Epstein to my guest post on the weekend.

But at the end of the day, the comment tally was relatively insignificant.

Why is that?

I'm not whining...just wondering. I admit I'm a bit of a comment hag. I tend to leave a note pretty much everywhere...mostly to acknowledge that someone took the time to type something up and then put it out there for anyone who stops by to read and hopefully enjoy...for free.

And I like getting comments. I like knowing if someone actually took the time to read what was written and then said something about it - what they thought about it...how it made them feel...how it made them not feel...if they hated it...anything.

Believe me when I say I'm not just looking for hand jobs all round --- know that probably sounds sexist, but it was the most heard congratulatory statement in the writing rooms I've been a part of...after a story was broken or a network note addressed or some other so called writing victory...even in the story departments populated with women. It was easier to say than fellatio or cunnilingus all round...and more fun to say than good job everyone! 'Hand jobs all round!' But I digress...

I realize a lot of people check blogs from work and may not have time to read entire post or aren't able to put together a thoughtful or meaningful comment. And I realize now that a lot of people must just be 'clicking' - from site to site...story to story...blog to blog...letting the information sweep over them but not necessarily engaging with it. Or just killing time before heading back to the porn fields. Who knows....

Hey, I know people shouldn't be forced to comment, but I do know that most writers out there would REALLY appreciate it...

In other news, following up on the streaming revenue and impending reduction of sales of US product to Canadian television stations issue that was raised in the guest post - first there's this USA Today article, and then this article about what the NFL is starting to do...

And then this article...

NFL Goes Long: Global TV Loses, Internet Scores
by David Goetzl, Monday, Sep 11, 2006 8:47 AM ET

FINDING NEW REVENUE STREAMS ABROAD is a top priority for the already cash-flush NFL. That's why the league is bypassing country-by-country TV distribution deals and making its games accessible to billions--on the Internet.

A new deal, which kicked off yesterday, makes NFL games available live outside North America for a fee on Yahoo.

In addition to possibly generating new fans and revenues from countries such as China and India, the move dovetails with another league goal: exploiting new-media opportunities. It's the first time the full NFL season will be accessible via the Web.

In addition to broadband, the NFL has moved aggressively into the mobile-phone and satellite-radio arenas.

The Yahoo deal allows the NFL to reach fans worldwide without
enduring the tedious and potentially contentious process of cutting TV deals with cable and satellite operators in individual countries.

Consumers can view games via the subscription service for $24.99 a week, or $249.99 for the full 17-week season. "NFL Game Pass" games will be available on-demand for up to 24 hours following their conclusion.

One catch: the subscription fees may be pricey for those in lower economic strata in China and India. Given that reality, the NFL may favor consumers in wealthier European countries and Japan, rather than emerging markets. Of course, ex-pats are also targets. The league is always loath to distribute its content for bargain-basement prices.

"We are pleased to offer NFL fans around the world an innovative way to watch NFL games," says Brian Rolapp, the NFL's vice president of media strategy. "The NFL is committed to taking advantage of new technologies to bring more value to our fans everywhere. Yahoo's proven leadership in technology makes them an ideal partner for a product like 'Game Pass.'"

International Yahoo and NFL Web sites and other properties will promote the service.

It's already happening Reg...it's already happening.


English Dave said...

You've just gone on to my 'Favorite' list.

I see the same problems in the UK as your guest poster spoke of in Canada. Cheap to produce issue based drama is swamping the schedules rather than having a certain place.

High concept 'must see'TV is a rareity, and yet the execs are scratching their butts and blaming audience fragmentation for their networks falling ratings.

Perhaps they should try producing programmes that the audience actually make an effort to watch?

Water cooler stuff. The 'Hey did you see......?'

A bit more of that and a bit less of the dreary 'infidelity/mid-life crisis/coming of age/ addiction/ marriage breakdown ....insert issue here' diet is in my opinion what the audience really wants.

Good Dog said...


Totally get where you’re coming from on this. And I’m wary of how far to answer because this ‘comment’ may turn out to be the length of a super-sized blog post. UIJ is one of the sites I really check out every day. Because of the time difference over here, the Canadian TV report was read on Sunday just before starting out on a two-hour journey to a meeting and discussed with work buddy on the way.

The only thing I ever watched on Canadian television was part of a rerun of The Golden Girls – only because the TV was on in a Montreal hotel room while I was changing to go out, just to clear that up – so I didn’t feel I had any kind of authority to reply. Although there are certain parallels between the frankly bizarre mindset of Telefilm and the broadcasters over here. And, to a degree, the format of series production. As well as Telefilm’s ‘blow off’ responses mentioned and ‘help’ we’ve had from people playing the game over here. Which makes you wonder if they know what are doing, are from another planet, or are grabbing hold of their desk so as not to be flung back out the revolving door and have someone else take their place.

Because of the meeting, and our thoughts turning to other things, there wasn’t time to formulate a reply.

Oddly the two hours spent talking over coffee, the subject of producing material for mobile phones came up. Obviously I showed interest, but there was a part of me that thought, who wants to watch television on their bloody phone? My new phone has a camera. Which I don’t use because I have an actual camera! And anyway, I’m waiting for the new phones that have cameras, toaster ovens and built-in sunlamp!

As for the NFL thing. I love information from media strategy guys! Whatever they say, however good their intentions appear, their words always breaks down: we are committed to getting our hands on every penny we can! Obviously that’s the real statement hidden behind the curtain. After all, it’s business, right? Whoever ends up with the most wins!

Not to sound older than I am, but for me the portable entertainment system peaked with the invention of the paperback book.

Circling back to comments... It does depend whether people read the articles. And I find out one well thought out comment from a stranger is better than a quick, “yeah,” “great” or “cool!” Once you get to ‘know’ the person, visit their site, and see where they are coming from, then the comments can be reduced in size to a shorthand, and it’s nice to know that someone out there is reading/listening/knowing what you are on about.

In previous responses to your posts, I mentioned that I was relatively new to blogs and especially MySpace. It was only a couple of years ago that someone pushed me in the direction of internet forums. Gee, that’s for that! Most of them had their fair share of the wild rants of the ill-informed: the electronic equivalent of a demented maniac sitting on a park bench and shaking his fist at the sky.

For my sanity’s sake, I got the hell out. But the thing that I found the most bizarre was, say the topic was... (looks at nearby DVDs) the films of Powell & Pressburger, people would come on and say “Who are P&P?” Which would stagger me. Here they were, with one of the most immediate and accessible information resources at their fingertips (if used properly), and rather than google Micheal Powell and Emeric Pressburger first and then comment, would show their ignorance and stupidity just because they want to be heard. Shame they hadn’t attached their mouth to their brain first.

Did I mention this might be a long comment?

So, I’m listening. And taking it all in. But because there is a Friday deadline, I better go and leave some space for other people to have their say.

But before I go...

BBC News 24 this morning ran a piece about Second Life: http://secondlife.com/

What. The. Hell.

Now, there’s a discussion for another day. During which time I really will show my age.

Diane Kristine said...

Hey Will, I thought about commenting on the Canadian TV post - does that count? - but felt like I had nothing to offer. Sometimes a post just seems to speak for itself. And it's not just when I read from work that I'm not able to put together a thoughtful or meaningful comment ... that's my default setting.

Jutratest said...

Haha, I've been meaning to mention the fact that no matter where I spelunk to in the scribosphere, WC Dixon has already been there and left a comment :)

Kelly J. Compeau said...

Something really devastating happened to me this morning, so I am SO NOT in the mood to offer a perky and insightful comment right now, Wil. Sorry.

KJC (click the link for the details)

wcdixon said...

Hell, I'll even leave comments on my own stuff...Ha! It is a competition, isn't it?

Thanks new visitors, and know I can always count on something from KJC.

English Dave said...

Kelly J. Compeau said...
Something really devastating happened to me this morning, so I am SO NOT in the mood to offer a perky and insightful comment right now, Wil. Sorry.

KJC (click the link for the details)

12:40 PM


Having previously read a note from this poster extolling the virtues of MySpace including several references to the industry I gasped in disbelief.

Even if I'm wrong in my judgement, by this post she is way too high maintenance. lol

Sorry Will.

Kelly J. Compeau said...

English Dave:
You're right. I am high maintenance. I'm a demanding perfectionist in a high-pressure job, with lots of disposal income I like to spread around, especially in shoe stores.

I am also the mother of five -- make that four -- pets I have raised and loved since birth. I read your profile which stated that you don't have any pets, so you have absolutely no idea where I'm coming from with my blog post. I am mourning the death of a loved one who left this world very abruptly, and remembering another loved one who died by suicide a year ago tomorrow.

You may not get that. But I've received more than 2 dozen emails since 6am from others who do.



English Dave said...

Well.....okay then.

I don't have any pets right now that is true.

I'm sorry for your loss.


Kelly J. Compeau said...

Thanks, Dave. You didn't have to say that, but I thank you for your kind and sensitive condolence, nonetheless.

Peace. :-)

Jutratest said...

Alright, fellatio or cunnilingus all around everybody! Rock on! :D

Callaghan said...

Hey WC....I came to this party a little late. Fell behind on my blog reading this week. Otherwise, I definitely would have commented on the guest-blogger's post.

It's depressing that every writer, producer and plain old viewer can see what the problem is in Canadian television, yet there seems to be little that any of us can do about it. It seems to be one of those ingrained problems with no solution in sight.

It reminds me of certain people who make their living working in television, but turn up their noses and proclaim to not even own a tv.

And on a completely unrelated subject, if you get a second, check out the fall relaunch of my formerly left-for-dead blog. With new and improved regular updates. Excuse the self-promotion....


Isabella Snow said...

I really miss American football. :(

Systemaddict said...

If I had better insights, I'd leave better comments. Hell, I'd even have a blog that had good posts.

Sadly, you'll get neither. ;)

Just know this is one of my daily reads. For what it's worth.