Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Something interesting to say?

Today? Not really. Been busy. Enjoyed long weekend (Canada). Took kids to beach. Also finished and delivered rewrite of middle two hours of a six hour tv miniseries.
Watched 'Lord of War' on dvd (really liked it), and CSI: Miami (ugh) and House (excellent) season finales, and Sunday's Soprano's episode (sorry, I'm developing 'whatever' syndrome').
Will dig into anecdote bag tomorrow.

SONG & ARTIST?: "Somewhere, somehow, somebody must have
kicked you around some.
Tell me why you want to lay there,
revel in your abandon."


Callaghan said...

I thought that Lord of War was very under rated. Almost no buzz around it, completely ignored at the Oscars. But I loved it. It was one of the few movies from last year that stayed in my mind for weeks after I saw it.

greg said...


Thanks for stopping by the blog... appreciated your comments. You have a nice thing going here too...

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