Sunday, May 14, 2006

Motherfu%&ing Lice On the Muthafu%&ing Plain

...stuck out here in midwest Canada...last night kids start complaining about itchy heads...check their(twins) hair...find some lice....learn that a kid in their class told them she had lice last week, but begged them to keep it a secret...they did....get out the Nix and the comb - do what you got to do....but still...its a parenting necessity we all could live without...

And tonight, I swear my head is crawling...ugh

SONG & ARTIST? - Last night I was down in the lab
Talkin’ to dracula and his crew


Emily Blake said...

Ugh. I feel you. I had lice twice when I was a kid. Too much wandering through the woods. But boy does your hair feel nice after Mom washes it in that special shampoo.

wcdixon said...

For your sake I hope you feel 'for' me as opposed to feel me...or maybe that's why you said 'ugh'

Yes, really picked the wrong time to grow my hair long again, but you're right - that special shampoo does work wonders...

Dave said...

From the little bit of research I did, it appears that lice only appear on people. They don't exist in nature. You can't get them from a walk in the woods. They live on us.

Also, has nothing to do with cleanliness or living conditions.

You'd think that with a little effort we could fix this problem once and for all.

I was spared as a child and hope that my child is spared them as well. Several episodes in the school, but none brought home yet.