Sunday, March 01, 2009

The Sweet Touch Of Your Love?

This recent Axe commercial completely befuddles me...I mean, who is it targeting as buyers - men who want to be an irresistible 'chocolate man'? Or women who want their men to smell good enough to eat (begging the question...does the body spray actually smell like chocolate?)?

Not to mention the creepy smile, the tearing off of his nose, digging a strawberry into his belly, taking a bite out of his butt, losing his arm?!, and putting his wiggling fingers inside of a box as a present??!!!

Even the song lyrics have an ominous undertone:

When a cold chill begins to burn at your very soul
That's the sweet touch of Love.
When just the drop of a name begins to sting your very toe
That's the sweet touch of Love
Just the thought about seeing you would blow my mind
That's the sweet touch of Love"

Personally I find it all very disturbing.


Anonymous said...

I tend to find most Axe commercials, in general, to be disturbing, so this one is really no different than the others.

This commercial's been running for a while -- have you just started seeing it?

Jaime J. Weinman said...

This one really freaked me out too, but then I'm easily freaked out by anything with cannibalism in it -- the only cartoon that scared me as a child was Chew Chew Baby.

Maybe the Axe people didn't think they were doing a commercial about a man who suffers the horrible living death of being transformed into foodstuffs and eaten by his fellow humans, but I don't see what other point they thought they were making.

CAROLINE said...

I concur. The height of creepiness.

RixelStudios said...

Ah to be a teenager again.

Call me crazy or a sucker for the obvious, if you must, but I would wager that though their commercials are generally (and specifically) disturbing to the average well-informed adult, to the male youth - aged 11 to 15 - it is hilarity. To a young boy who is just beginning to discover his sexuality the idea that a spray will make you as irresistable as chocolate to girls (though very broad and incredibly sexist) would be exactly what every kids raw, exposed ego needs. To make the commercial humourous to those same kids then is virtually guaranteeing sales later.

At least such is my theory and, whether it's correct or not, the commercials must be working with some market because they're still getting made and as sexist as ever.

Dave said...

Here in the UK we call Axe... wait for it... Lynx! However despite the name change it's reassuring to know they still market it as rohypnol in a spray can.

Good Dog said...

At least he was generous to give the woman his whole hand. Why she lay in her hospital bed he could have just given her a finger.

Blogger said...

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