Monday, March 23, 2009

Super Channel Party's Down

Party Down, the new series from Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas, premieres tonight here in Canada at 9pm EST on Super Channel.

From the press release, Party Down is about a group of struggling dreamers who are stuck working for tips while waiting for their big break. As employees of the L.A. catering company "Party Down," these misfits mingle with guests at everything from sweet sixteen parties to the most lavish Hollywood soirees.

The series is staffed with a combination of Veronica Mars alumni and airs on the Starz network in the U.S. (who has recently joined the growing list of cable nets creating original programming).

It's a pretty funny ensemble half hour comedy in mockumentary vein of Curb Your Enthusiasm or The Office...I really enjoyed it. If you don't have Super Channel, subscribe! Or if you want to taste a sample first you can check out the first episode online at the SuperU website HERE.

Party on!

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