Friday, March 27, 2009

Superstition And Sunshine

Been that kind of week...some ups, but lotsa downs. So Friday Fun is about getting your groove on and finding some cheer-up. First with Stevie Wonder on Seasame Street (love the one kid dancing)...

And then KC and the Sunshine Band doing the things, we like to do...

(stick with this one...the second half just kicks it)

Because they make me wanna do a little smile, make a lotta dance...get down tonight.


Lara said...


Anonymous said...

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Christina said...

I see you a Superstition and raise you a Bootie Cooler:

(Those people can dance!)

I LOVE THE HORN section in KC & Sunshine Band and would love to see white guys try to do that - and pull off those outfits. Uh-uh.

wcdixon said...

Yeah...KC's horn section funks up good.