Monday, March 30, 2009

10th Avenue Take Out

In light of the recent hard times supposedly befalling Canadian broadcasters, I remembered this article about a TV series called Rockstar Curling that NBC had in the works last year.

The Toronto Star reported Monday that NBC has acquired exclusive rights to launch 10 episodes of a proposed television show called Rockstar Curling.

Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi, apparently closet curlers, are among the megastar rockers being courted to host it.

Citing unnamed sources, the Star said the two rock stars are among a group of entertainment types who rent arena time on occasion to pick up brooms instead of guitars.

Organizers are trying to negotiate a deal to get one of them involved in the proposed show, possibly as a host.

The series' winners could wind up with a berth at the U.S. championships and perhaps at the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver.

Sure 'Men With Brooms' kinda tanked, but some Canuck network should still jump all over this as a co-pro (if they already haven't) would be HUGE up here, don't you think? The Boss could toss a rock and then launch into a medley of "Iceman" and "Hearts of Stone"...or Bon Jovi could furiously sweep while belting out "Let It Rock".

C'mon...they could bring back Foreigner who could play an end and then perform "Cold As Ice"...or Bob Seger and the Silver Bullets could throw an in-turn draw while reviving 'Like A Rock' (GM and Chevy would probably like that right now)...Led Zep reunite and bring their brooms and some "Rock N' Roll". Personally I'd want to see the Talking Heads back together on the ice making their opponents nervous by singing "Burning Down The House"

Not to mention all the Cancon opportunities --- Brian Adams with "Kids Wanna Rock", Loverboy and "Turn Me Loose", or Nickleback could rewrite the lyrics to "Rockstar" and that could be the theme song! (though this song or this song might give it a run for its money)

Somebody stop me...or chime in with your dream curling rockstars and their song...

Ugh...have since been informed that not only is this project dead in the water, but the 'rockstar' component was incorrectly reported.

Still...could've been a hit, no?


DMc said...

You should have held off and posted this on Wednesday morning.

Juniper said...

Wednesday morning? Don't leave the rest of us hanging, Dennis.

wcdixon said...

Yeah...I'm also curious about why wait until Wednesday (though blowing my wadd too soon is still more my MO, so probably just as well I posted today)

wpascoe said...

As a reformed curler who was never very good at it, I would love a show like this. Let's hope someone has the stones to actually make it. Pun intended.