Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I'll Be Durn

Mountain talk is gradually disappearing. Its demise is largely the result of education and the influence of television and radio. This page was created so that the language would not be entirely lost. I hope you git a kick outta this here page.

I see a TV series...a sitcom probably, inspired by the Dictionary of Mountain Talk Website, which you can peruse HERE. Created by Judy Henley Phillips, she vows to keep the mountain and backwoods word alive...or something.

I'm telling you, a show's here for the taking. If you go to Exclamations, for example, you can find perfect titles for the first 18 episodes:

Bite yore tongue!
Consarn it!
Dad blame!
Dad burn it!
Dag nab it!
Dog gone it!
Good gosh!
Gosh almighty!
I declare!
I'll be diddly dad burn!
I'll swear!
Land agoshen!
Land's sake!
Of all things!
Oh, my goodness gracious!
Shoot far!

Damn you education and influential TV and radio! Even if it hair-lipped the Governor (what does that even mean?), damn you all to hell!

Mountain talk...I will not forget you.

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