Friday, February 06, 2009

Animating Standup

Been a week of trying to get caught up but still feel behind...maybe less is more. Right. Yeah, keep telling yourself that, Will. So a little bit of now and then shall constitute Friday fun... stand up routines that have been animated.

First some then...Woody Allen is lucky it wasn't a cello:

And some now...Dane Cook warns us not to drink the kool aid (even though a lot of young-uns seem to be drinking his):

Dane Cook. Um...yeah.

Because they both made me smile, but for very different reasons.


AARON said...

There's a more animated version of that Dane Cook bit:

That is probably my favorite of all his bits. I love his stand up but his movies have thus far left me highly unsatisfied.

wcdixon said...

I was juxtaposing the two bits I get the funny in the Woody Allen and the animation is classy and cool. Whereas Dane Cook I don't find funny at all, and the cheap 'animation' seem to fit my opinion of course.