Monday, February 23, 2009

The Credit Crisis, Sub-Prime Mortgages, and Bad Leverage (not the TV's excellent!)

This post is essentially a public service announcement, since the credit crisis really doesn't have anything to do with the entertainment/TV/movie biz (though our industry's are certainly being affected by it).

I hate not understanding shit...not getting why things happened or how they this Electric Company-style short video explaining the financial meltdown we're in was just what I needed to see.

Because Beavis needs things spelled out for him sometimes.

Part One:

Part Two:

Once you've screened those videos, take a look at Frontline's 'Inside The Meltdown' episode from last week (WATCH HERE). Then scan this Globe & Mail interview with financial guru Niall Ferguson, and see if your head doesn't want to melt. Reading this article and viewing these two programs won't make the mess any easier to deal with, but should help you understand why and how the mess happened.

All I know is I'm really looking forward to the sequels: 'Solving The Credit Crisis' and 'After The Meltdown'...they couldn't arrive soon enough.

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