Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Was It Something I Said?

Or rather...something I wrote? Because you see, visits to Uninflected Images have dropped off by well over 150% since last Wednesday. If this site was a stock listed on the NYSE or TSE, it'd be...erm...crashing like pretty much every other stock I suppose. Perhaps the statcounters are fuggy, or everyone south of the border is still enjoying Thanksgiving, or fact I'm not posting as often...but still, what's up with that?

On the other hand, maybe everyone is just preoccupied by more pressing and disconcerting our country's government meltdown, or the continuing global economy crisis, or the very real potential of a SAG strike.

Sheesh...taking all that into account, I should probably feel lucky anyone is visiting at all.

Anyway...who knows...have a smile as Charlie Brooker takes on adverts and Mad Men for Screenwipe.


morjana said...

Hi, Will.

I visit every day (unfortunately, I neglect to leave a comment every day, my apologies).

I don't think it was anything you said or wrote. I think it's the way that the statistics are compiled.

(I've noted some odd new trends on my blog as well. Oh, well...)

Best wishes.

CAROLINE said...

sorry! life and stuff, you know. i still love ya. if it makes you feel better, i haven't been to mcgrath's or henshaw's either :-)

Trevor B. Cunningham said...

I visit every day...well..maybe every other day. But I still visit.