Friday, December 05, 2008

Don't Be Embarrassed About The Other Night

Friday Fun = a young (though it seems he's never looked 'young') Steve Martin doing a phone bit on Johnny Carson, back when accessing your answering machine remotely was 'new technology'. It's old school funny, but I found myself just as entertained watching Carson trying to sneak a puff of a cigarette whenever he thought he was off camera.

Because it makes me smile.


Christina said...

Good ol' rule of three. It always works.

morjana said...

LOL! Thank you so much for that chuckle.

mernitman said...

Love it.

Hey, my traffic went down a bit after the election, so it may be more of a cultural web phenom than Something You Said -- but if it's any help, I've just put you on the top of my blogroll. Thanks for all the clips, et al!