Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New 'Year We (Almost) Make Contact'!

Interesting times we're in.

And they're only going to get more interesting, before they get better get better I bet.

You betcha!

Nevertheless, all the best for the upcoming twelve months.

Enjoy the next three hundred and sixty-five days.

Make the most of these 525,600 minutes.
Savour those 31,536,000 seconds.
Because, before you know it, t'will be...well, you know...

...and then who knows what's gonna happen.

Thanks for reading....have a great year everybody.


DMc said...

Happy New Year out 'dere on tha frozen tundra, Will.

That WHO brightened the day. Haven't heard that one for awhile!

Trevor B. Cunningham said...

Happy New Year from one frozen city(Winnipeg) to another(Regina)! And hey...maybe aliens showing us how to evolve might be the answer?

jimhenshaw said...

Have a Happy New Year, Dix! Nice thing about celebrating it in Regina is the water's too frozen to dilute the Wiser's.

Best in 2009!

Good Dog said...

Happy New Year, Will. All the best for 2009!

kdubb said...

Bonne Annee toieeee! Thank you for my first solid year of counter-inflected poses juxta'd. I look forward to many more :)

morjana said...

Happy New Year, Will!