Tuesday, December 23, 2008

And Beautiful Bras, Of Course

I love watching 'the making of' for movies and TV shows when they actually educate, enlighten, and entertain (see Bladerunner's 'Dangerous Days' documentary, Children of Men dvd extras), but are behind the scenes of a Victoria Secret Christmas commercial really necessary?

I really don't know how educated or enlightened you'll become, but watching that and THIS to better understand how they produced the finished advertisement is certainly entertaining.
"I believe the message for this commercial is that we are trying to inspire people to...give."


Happy Holidays everyone.


Good Dog said...

Not as revealing as I would have hoped. Maybe there's a three hour version somewhere.

Have a great Christmas. All the best for the New Year.


Ahh... the 'spirit of giving' has never been embodied so effectively. Must embrace it. Love the square christmas trees amongst all the roundness.