Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Well I Suck... Washington lets me down in a big way....the Capitals I mean.

Tight race in the playoff hockey pool after the first round, with Toronto-based Mr. Music John Callaghan leading the way with his stockpile of Habs...but the Prairies holding their own thus far, with Martel, Stockton, and Juniper right on his heels.

1 John Callaghan 84
2 Jeff Martel 81
2 Brian Stockton 81
2 Juniper 81
5 Scotty William 80
6 Laurie Nyveen 76
6 Will Pascoe 76
8 Michael Foster 73
9 Will Dixon 69
9 Peter Allen Rowley 69
11 Denis McGrath 68
12 Larry Raskin 67
13 Mark Askwith 65
14 Mark Farrell 61
15 Wil Zmak 52
16 Robert de Lint 45
17 Jim Henshaw 44

McGrath fell back down to earth, and at least Farrell's not in the basement. And speaking of the basement, after the passing of his brother no mocking the Henshaw this week...let's all send some love his way...

Game on.


Webs said...

It's amazing how similar most of the picks are. Half of us or so chose Nabakov and Price in net. The Sens got no respect from anyone - the right call as it turned out, but were they that obviously losers?

And so few people chose Hasek. Because they didn't think Detroit would last or because they thought he'd give way to Osgood? Again, the right call, but odd in its near universality.

Now, if the Habs power play starts to work and Streit and Markov start piling up points, watch out.

jimhenshaw said...

Are you kidding! Mock away! I loaded up on Washington and Anahiem! How frickin' dumb is that in retrospect?

Pronger -- Ovetchkin -- massive late season surges -- what was I thinkin'?

And no wonder Toronto's so anxious to land Brian Burke -- he's got losing streak written all over him.

Juniper said...

Well, given the amount of players others have remaining compared to me and the similarity of my remaining players to theirs, I predict I'll be down in the basement with Henshaw pretty soon!

Open up a bottle of wine Jim, we'll bring down the crown royal for Will and watch the remaining games from there.

It was fun being near the top while it lasted!

Will Pascoe said...

Damn that Hasek. Why couldn't he have been better for at least one more round. With one of my goalies on the bench, I'm going to drop as much as the Sens have.

scottycwilliam said...

Burke is sticking with the ducks. I was sooo close. Damn Calgary and Washington. I blame the referees. =)

I'm still in good shape, although I'm either going to lose a goalie or 3 solid players in the Pens/NYR series. Ah well.

Mef said...

And it doesn't look like I will finish last, so I'm jazzed. I could finish as high as 15th.

I can't believe how bad I suck at these things.