Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hockey Pool Update

Okay...after much accusation of conspiracy and pool rigging, the stats access is open for business. Seems the login numbers were mixed up...uh huh. Note the change, and you'll now be able to access the standings HERE... login: 73076 password: stanley

And after the first few games of each series, here's where everyone stands:

1 Denis McGrath 36
2 Laurie Nyveen 32
2 Jeff Martel 32
4 Peter Allen Rowley 31
4 John Callaghan 31
4 Wil Zmak 31
7 Juniper 30
7 Will Pascoe 30
9 Michael Foster 29
9 Will Dixon 29
9 Scotty William 29
12 Brian Stockton 28
12 Larry Raskin 28
14 Mark Askwith 24
15 Mark Farrell 23
16 Robert de Lint 22
17 Jim Henshaw 14

Little disappointed in the turn out, but thanks to all those that entered. And it's early yet, but I hear McGrath is already buying a celebratory cigar...and Henshaw - you like the basement don't you, sheesh...and where's the Cunningham??

Game on!


DMc said...


scottycwilliam said...


Too bad San Jose is going to get dropped in the first round. =)

Diane Kristine said...

I was going to enter but I needed way more than a couple of days to figure out what the hell I was doing :)

wcdixon said...

I still can't believe San Jose lost that one last night...shocking.

Cunningham said...

The Cunningham is resolving a few 'matters' before they reach the next issue of PLAYBACK and VARIETY.

Seriously behind on many fronts...

CAROLINE said...

Wow, DMc is on a roll on all fronts. But Henshaw, Farrell? Sad performance from you both ;-)

Michael said...

I gotta hand it to Henshaw. Even here he remains an individualist. We all have pretty much the same picks this year. I am lost in a sea of Malkins, Nabakovs and Prices (Except in a stroke of genius I didn't pick Crosby :/).

I find myself betting against my own picks just so my few anomalies will stand out more.

Go defenceman Mark Streit! Woohoo!