Friday, April 25, 2008

Stuck In The Middle With Who?

I know most of you don't care about the current round of CRTC hearings with the BDU's and Broadcasters, but Denis at Dead Things and Jimmy at The Legion offer up two very well thought out arguments of support (sort of) for both sides of this rather ugly BDU/Broadcaster fence. Read these guys...they are smart.

But unfortunately, in both of their perspectives, the Canadian creatives and our indigenous production community seem either negligible, or are forced to have to pick a team. Neither option is particularly pretty. And it points a really huge finger at how so many of us in the Canadian film/TV industry are middlemen...from the BDU/Broadcaster CEO's right down to the small independent producer.

I'm really torn about which side of the crevasse I should be on. I'm presently employed by a broadcaster in the development department, while also working as a freelancer with the creative community story editing projects in varying stages of development and prep. And both jobs need the support of the BDU's (cable and satellite providers) to distribute this content once created. Grrrr....I don't want to have to pick a team! Especially since 'the team' is looking more and more like some new model that isn't even in existence yet, but will eventually arise as the old TV viewing model continues to erode and crumble.

But until that day, or till the CRTC and the regulators make some drastic changes to the system, it's always going to be about being caught in the middle...ugh.

Friday Fun...when worlds apropos...

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Far Away said...

Hello WC - please drop by and do my scriptwriter blog survey - takes 1 minute. Ta

Cunningham said...

I always have to shift my thinking when reading these posts from you guys because where I come from BDU's = Battle Dress Uniforms.

Or is that somehow more appropriate?