Friday, October 05, 2007

"I've Got A Golden Ticket!"

I know. I'm bad. But I can't help myself. You see, I never really paid South Park much mind over its ten years+ run, and now I'm a total fanboy. I was looking forward to the new season premiere this week with as much anticipation as most of my 'respectable' favs (see: Dexter; House; Bones; Friday Night Lights).

"Le Petit Tourette" delivers. It continues the SP tradition of managing to offend immensely while neatly skewering some of our social and cultural Tourette's case, Dateline To Catch A Predator's Chris Hansen takes the hit. And there's some very clever plot turns to boot. Oh yeah...most importantly, it's hilarious.

Here's a teaser scene:

South Park's new season starts tonight on Canada's Comedy Network.

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