Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The First To Go?

I know its early in the game, but Variety already poses this question: which new TV series will be the first to suffer cancellation? Nashville was the numero uno reality show to bite the dust, so let's stick with drama and comedy. I'd say Moonlight if it hadn't held onto its Ghost Whisperer lead in numbers (...whaaaaa?), so will go with Cane or Big Shots instead.

What y'all think?

Course we can't play this game in Canada because you either get a full season, usually shot and in the can before one ep even airs...or you get nothing! That's just how we roll.


Emily Blake said...


Diane Kristine said...

I'd say K-Ville too, despite being a copycat. It keeps dropping in the ratings, though, and had a head start on the others. Only Bionic Woman and Private Practice seem safe so far.

Bill Cunningham said...

we discussed this last night on the geekerati podcast:


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Juniper said...

Pushing Daisy.... it's not even out yet but I hate the cutsie commercials for it.... I'm taking it as a bad sign, though the critics LOVE what they've seen.

I just don't like the ads.